Journal of Contemporary Issues in Social Science, JCISS, Volume 1, Issue 1, 2017

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Executive Summary

Welcome to this inaugural issue of the Journal of Contemporary Issues in Social Science (JCISS), a bi-annual publication of Global Institute of Policy Research and Development (GIPRD). The journal strives to provide the latest and highly original contributions by researchers, practitioners and professional educators in the area of business management, science and technology and social science and the humanities. The first issue, appearing in February 2017, will be followed by the second issue in September 2017. The publication of this strenuously multi-peer reviewed journal is another tremendous development added to the research endeavours incorporated in the policy of GIPRD.

As suggested by the journal’s title, an emphasis has been given to inquiring, researching and addressing pertinent issues in the field of management studies, broadly defined. This means priority has been given to selecting research articles in contemporary issues such as entrepreneurship, strategic management, national and international business strategies, organizational issues, performance related issues, financial issues in banking and finance and other relevant issues.

The academic excellence of an institution is subject to its achievement not merely in its capacity to completing the courses of study that the university devises but, also, from a host of other endeavours that must be addressed with the appropriate level of quality and academic rigor. In this regard, prioritizing the activities that practically promote research and real life learning objectives as being immensely indispensable is required. Global experiences show that the institutions capable of ensuring a research orientation in their educational procedures are the most leading and successful ones. This is sufficiently evident as to provoke the understanding that research has a centrality in those institutions of education that dare to articulate and implement outstanding vision i.e. leading the competitive markets with competence, high standards of quality and outstanding image.

GIPRD has the vision of serving global society with the best innovative and professional quality of education through our coveted academic training and research development programmes and our philosophy and actions have adhered to the approach of promoting an array of research activities, both at students and faculty level, through our research cell that was legitimately endorsed in the policy and inaugurated a few years ago. Thus, as there is no possibility of compromising with competence and quality, in the light of the theme of the journal and aims of the institution, only high standard empirical and conceptual papers can be deemed acceptable. Those that are considered most useful academically have been given a place in this very first issue of the journal.  Last but not least, I would be delighted to bring this journal to the notice of eminent and aspiring scholarly individuals from across the globe who would like to contribute to our research endeavours and invite them, therefore, to join the GIPRD research community, which is geared to learning to provide a distinctive service to society and improve conditions for humanity.