Global Institute of Policy Research & Development (G-IPRD) is a not-for-profit think tank established on 2012 dedicated to extensive and in-depth research activities on diversified areas of social sciences and education. The organization aims to serve the nation identically by bringing innovative ideas, research strategies and other development related measures such as professional and personality development training, academic programs and social development activities, workshops, seminars and conferences as supporting tools keeping the vision, mission and objectives of the institute on top priority.

We study public policies with a dedicated objective and an unbiased approach. We strive to influence policy changes by publishing our research and by framing policy debates and discussions on various subjects. Our research areas include Governance, Education, Economic Reforms, Market Surveys, Livelihood Surveys, Project evaluation, and monitoring surveys and other types of professional research activities.

Identically, the organization has supported several private institutions and academia in drafting their policy papers, documenting their work experiences and surveys for future work plans and projects, many of which have had a profound impact at the governance level. Private,  institutional as well as public agencies have often approached us for advance training programs in the areas as human resource capacity building training, organizational communication behavior, and effective management system, business plans and empowerment related training that aim at empowerment of the marginal groups and livelihood survey training and several similar components.

Before the second constituent assembly election date i.e. 19th November 2013, we conducted a household survey about possible result indictors by mobilizing undergraduate students ofUniglobe college, a sister concern of the institute to survey people’s opinions, support and grievances in connection with elections, constitution making process in Nepal and delays and people’s expectations toward the current political development and their voting support. In all 420 households and 300 telephone surveys  were carried out by the students for which the research directors’ panel trained the scholars on how to carry out data collection and data presentation activities prior to their field activities. Sets of survey questionnaires and survey check lists were developed for the students in groups to conduct household surveys for about twenty days. The reports were prepared and submitted to the stakeholders of election particularly, political parties and individuals in leadership. The overall process took about a month until the findings were extracted based on data analysis.  All the survey and research ethics were seriously handled during the field survey session and the students were also disseminated with ample exposure to relevant literature and experiences about similar types of survey activities in the past. The entire activities were accomplished in the direct involvement and with direct intervention of our research team displayed under the head management team of G-IPRD.

G-IPRD has a good research team comprising of professionals from different fields of expertise and resource persons from across the world. Research internship is another key activity of G-IPRD. G-IPRD produces working papers in various fields. Innovative policy solutions and ideas that are in sync with global technological revolutions and entrepreneurship are the key components of our policy research. It has been registered under the Company Act, 2006.

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