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Global Institute for Policy Research & Development (G-IPRD) is a not-for-profit think tank established on 2012 dedicated to extensive and in-depth research activities on diversified areas of social sciences and education. The organization aims to serve the nation identically by bringing innovative ideas, research strategies and other development related measures such as professional and personality development training, academic programs and social development activities, workshops, seminars and conferences as supporting tools keeping the vision, mission and objectives of the institute on top priority.

We study public policies with a dedicated objective and an unbiased approach. We strive to influence policy changes by publishing our research and by framing policy debates and discussions on various subjects. Our research areas include Governance, Education, Economic Reforms, Market Surveys, Livelihood Surveys, Project evaluation, and monitoring surveys and other types of professional research activities.

Our mission as an organization is the spread of knowledge and awareness among fellow human beings through the promotion of research, training and dialogue among key stakeholders in society.

G-IPRD vision is to create a center for policy research and development. The institute from its humble beginnings towards its larger efforts aims at supporting the creation of an equitable socially.

GIPRD Programs

The reputation and success of researchers and the institutions they represent is impacted by the work they perform in national and international level. It is a challenge for researchers in being able to properly communicate research product to an audience in this competitive and global market. Researchers need the skills of professional writing such as preparing and writing proposals, business letters etc. Without professional research skills, no researchers and institutions can become themselves competent. Besides, there are other areas people in their respective professions need to remain intact with which at the same time keep changing along with changes in situations and so requiring people to enhance new skills and proficiency. In this regard, it becomes necessary that people on professional endeavors develop their academic knowledge, communication skills and various aspects leading to new aptitudes. 

This training program is designed to develop researcher’s professional writing and research methodology skills. It provides participants with the insights, understanding and tools to communicate effectively. Training is delivered by highly expert trainers. Besides, the training program helps participating individuals in developing knowledge base, cognitive abilities, creativity, personal qualities, professional and career management, research management and professional conduct.  All the trainers embark on training workshops and evaluation to ensure that participants meet the high level of professional writing and research methodology skills as some of the key objectives G-IPRD anticipates fostering in communities of learner. 

Research Skills and Methodology Training: The organization considers this as its key area of programming as the focused aim of GIPRD is to train and develop skilled manpower in the area of research and surveys at professional level. The training addresses varieties of sectors and areas that demand diverse patterns of research. The aim is to expose and enable the trainees to adopt appropriate methodology of researches and surveys that aim at supporting professional or academic sector for further promotions. 

Professional Development Training: The organization consists of members in its board and under the administration panel who bear expertise on various social development, finance and entrepreneurship, education and institutional development areasThe professionals in every sector relevant to personality development, business and management along with social empowerment are recruited as resource persons to disseminate training on varying above mentioned areas at affordable costs depending on the areas and duration of a particular training.

Proposal Writing Training: Research and project launchers are served with skills and knowledge about how to write the best fitting proposals. 

Software Development and Training: Computer software training particularly in the area of how to develop the software of various kinds such as MIS, banking, accounting etc.

University Programs: Diploma in International Relations: GIPRD has been catering the needs of supplementary courses in academic field by running one year-diploma course in International Relations. The program is alleged to enable the scholars who complete the program from GIPRD, to get admission in the second year of University course abroad. This would mean that having passed one year diploma from GIPRD, the degree turns out to be equivalent to foundation year pass in a university in its area of international relations. GIPRD is linked with Shinawatra University, Thailand for the academic research and development.

G-IPRD has developed a mechanism to organize national and International workshops. The organization organizes workshops on various Management, Research, Economic Development and Social Sciences related areas throughout the year. The workshops are organized in collaboration with its associated institutions both national and international arena. 

The institutional trend of GIPRD is to hold the activities that are focused on researching the issues and collect ideas through sharing and interactions. To meet these objectives both national and international conferences and seminars are held at certain frequencies depending on the emerging development and management related issues time and often as regular activities of the organization. 


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